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  • 2-3 Prenatal Meetings & 1 Postpartum Meeting

  • 24/7 care & accessibility via phone, text, and email throughout pregnancy & birth

  • On-call starting at 37 weeks

  • Continuous & comforting support throughout labor, birth, and immediate postpartum time

  • $30 off placenta encapsulation services 

Read below for more information about what I specifically offer and can provide 

What is a Doula?

What do
my Doula services look like?

Doula Stepha providing comfort and support to a laboring client at PeaceHealth Saint Joseph's Hospital in Bellingham, WA

01.  $1250

This price includes everything in my standard package

02.  $1600

This price includes everything in my standard package plus:

  • 1-2 extra prenatal meetings

  • One 45 minute session either processing fears/anxiety or a guided meditation

  • One 8.5 x 11 art print of your choice

  • One 60 minute postpartum service

A Doula is a trained non-medical professional, hired to be your accessable & continious support person throughout your pregnancy, labor & birth, and immediate postpartum time. 

Providing advocacy, non-biased information, options, clear communication, emotional care, encouragment, physical guidance and grounded nurturing, this type of guidance and support is to ensure families, Mamas, and birthing people feel heard and respected, and experience the birth of their child(ren) as active participants and confident future parents!

What does a Doula do?


Being your Doula looks like a dozen different things! From squeezing your hips, to holding your hands, to breathing with you for hours as you rock your rhythm of labor, to moving to a background role because you don't won't to be touched and are needing solo connection with your partner. To ensuring everyone is nourished, hydrated and well rested. To speaking encouraging words, reminding you of various laboring positions, embodied centering and relaxation suggestions/direction, and so much more.


The very heart to being a Doula means being flexible and educated in multiple techniques and methods of support, guidance and birthing experiences. This is in order to best meet and address the unique needs of families, Moms, and birthing people, as they arise. Being a Doula is a communal role so Dads, partners and other intimate members of your birthing team are available to be fully present.  

A few essential skills I bring: being proficient in clear communication so respectful and collaborative relationship are developed with care providers, having a relaxed and solid nervous system to regulate with in times of stress and vulnerability, providing individualized care to best help you connect with your resources, coping mechanisms and management of fear & pain, and an overall professional attitude and business ethic.

Plus a lot of love!

Stepha's Specialties

What I bring to the birthing room:

  • 13 years of practice

  • Skilled in Spinning Babies & MamaFit techniques

  • Practiced with somatic psychology/experiencing, and how the mind & body connection influences pregnancy & birth (Somatic Attachment Therapy Certified)

  • Experienced with helping clients navigate fear, anxiety & past traumas

  • I can easily drop-in and intuitively meet the unique needs of a birthing woman/person however they arise

  • Skilled in Non-Violent Communication

  • Wonderful relationship and reputation with all our local midwives, L & D nurses, OB's and St. Joseph's Hospital staff

  • Trained and dedicated to provide support for women clients

  • Trained and dedicated to provide support for Queer, Trans, & Non-Binary clients



Doula Services

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