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How do we talk about birth today & how does birth talk to us?

Regarding how we talk about birth today, how are we really talking about birth? What words are we habitually choosing? What tones of voice are we inflecting, for example, when we talk about a birth that concluded in a vaginal home delivery or an emergency cesarean? What subconscious messages are we then sending?


How are we celebrating birth in general?


What is neglected and not being talked about? How are BIPOC and Trans people being included in these conversations? How are those who are traumatized and neurodivergent being held? How are we perpetuating unrealistic expectations, painful birth hierarchies, unfriendly competition and shame? How are we leaving women and people with the sense that they failed? How are we talking about what it means to trust birth and manifest? And how are we understanding and working with our biased perspectives? 

Also, how are we speaking directly and collaboratively with all types of care providers & staff? How are we cultivating the pillars of building mutual respect and getting on the same page? How to ensure accountability? How are we asking the right questions, and recognizing the rhetoric we use builds or destroys relationships? 

And, how does the language behind historical & modern midwifery and obstetrics influence our current dialogue? 


Regarding how birth talks to us, it means learning a language of survival and of magic. Of science and spirit. By embracing the big stuff, the fact birth is all the things: safe and dangerous, joyful and daunting, that fear can be good, and trauma is an unavoidable fact of life therefore gives room to navigate that most complex and miraculous and intuitive space we all know birth touches.

We will discover your own language of birth, and what it is trying to tell you

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Stepha smiling

Hey there! I am Stepha Lawson; a Doula, counselor, artist and Mom to one awesome little dude I named Rio.

I have been obsessed with studying and exploring pregnancy & childbirth since I was a toddler--my whole childhood was spent either playing Mama, OB, or midwife! I was always pretending to be pregnant. I turned my backyard into a birthing center where I made a special tent underneath a slide and had all the kids in the neighborhood come deliver their doll babies. And whenever I played Barbies they all lived in a special village where they were always pregnant, giving birth, and helping one another raise their babies.

I also spent long hours at bookstores researching anything that was available in the children's section on birth & pregnancy.

This evolved towards more advanced textbooks, plus the introduction to the internet once in my early teens where I watched birth videos all the time in the computer lab at my middle & high-school with the sound turned down so to keep my obsession private from my peers.

My profound life purpose influenced my path to become a Doula in 2009 and later a prenatal and postpartum counselor. Prenatally I specialize in helping Moms understand their unique language of birth. In the post-partum time (which is any time after a person/woman gives birth right?), I guide Moms and parents towards feeling supported, strong and capable in their embodied self & in the roots of their identity. Especially after a birth that did not go as "planned".  

In my Mama free time I love to be with my community, lift weights, dance, meditate, try and learn the violin, and explore with many mediums of art




Please feel comfortable to email/contact me with any Doula inquiries, questions, comments, needs, curiosities, or desires for collaborations you have:

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