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Worry, Fears, Anxiety in Pregnancy/Birth

  • 1 h
  • From 85 US dollars
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Fear and anxiety in pregnancy can be a good thing! To be willing to occupy the vulnerable space to admit your deepest fears and greatest anxieties out-loud yields potent information. To speak to that which is scary, to speak to what is scaring you, offers insight, clarity, and direction. To be able to have a safe container, to release all the dark shit you do not want to say, is cathartic AF By allowing fear to be a guide, instead of an enemy, means not living in fear. That being said, there is a difference between worry, insecurity, anxiety and intuitive fear. Worry shows up in the idea you will anger your OB by saying no or stating a boundary. Or the worry of not being perceived as a good patient, a good Mama/parent. Or the insecurity that someone will think less of you. Or the worry from that movie you watched with a traumatic birth scene when you were a teen. Or from the horror story you heard from your auntie or friend. Letting worry or insecurity lead, results in making decisions from a place where you are not in your full expression of power, counteracting your values. But intuitive fear and intuitive anxiety is different. In our 1:1 ZOOM sessions, I create the safe and resourceful container for you to let it all out: however dark or negative or scary or ominous. And together we navigate these waters, differentiating what is an intuitive fear or intuitive anxiety, from what is just a worry or story your mind is telling you, and how to move forward with awareness, confidence, calm, empowerment, and the information you need to make the next best choices in your pregnancy and birth time.

Cancellation Policy

I acknowledge the chaos of life! To cancel or reschedule, please try and contact me within 10 hours of your appointment time, by emailing:

Contact Details

+ (425) 283-6122

Bellingham, US-WA 98225, USA

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