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Beautiful illustrated & collaged 8 x 11 birth posters, to celebrate your little one, surrounded by your favorite flowers or plants


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Domestic US: $2.00 USD

International: $6.00 USD


Customized Flower Baby Posters

  • To create a flower birth poster, please enter your baby’s birth details: their name, birth day/month/year/time, birth location, and weight & length. 


    Please also choose the baby model/illustration you want (1, 2 ,3, or 4), include your baby's skin color, any distiguishing features your baby has such a freckles or limb differences, and then what flower or plant you want to surround baby. Most flower/plant illustrations will be realistic botanical paintings, unless you want the colorful handdrawn wildflower look as deplicted with the mock-up baby 01 (please include this preference in your order) 

Baby Flower Prints

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